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before bed, laying on top of my covers in a lulu bra and nike pro’s on this incredibly hot night, blogging and catching up on news. ~lmao i read the new york times online every night dont judge me im an 80 year old man at heart~ i decided to go on my photobooth to see if i could capture the happiness i was feeling in my heart onto a photograph. this is literally the FIRST selfie i took, and while i obviously see so many flaws in it, i felt obligated to post it as is, because what does a perfect selfie look like anyway.
i am not as small and fragile OR as strong and carefree as i have been in this lifetime, but this is me, right now. i am learning the importance of living in present. as of today, this is who i am. in this moment, this is elisa. today wasn’t perfect but it was pretty damn close. im learning that that is okay. “perfection is the enemy of good.” today was good. solidly good. tonight, i am proud of who i am. so yay.
IN SUMMARY here is a selfie that no one requested but i havent posted a personal picture in a while so here ya goo~ love you all. stay beautiful and wonderful and strong :****

You are so beautiful I can’t stand it
Anonymous said: For your ankles - you can also stand on the edge of a stair (as though you're going UP the stairs) with your heels hanging off and your feet turned ever so slightly in and press so that you're stretching the back of your legs - it'll get your ankles too!

I said:

Oh yeah I’ve done that before but it gives me more of a stretch in my calves which I usually need a lot of anyway

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Liverpool vs Manchester city game! ⚽️⚽️

my dad is growing marijuana in the living room window yup